© 2012 MyEternalRefuge.org | Web Development: Media One Marketing  Continued Growth Through Faith: With God, all things are possible. We try to enrich the lives of the people of Villa Hermosa through this message. Missionaries are paramount to our journey, please volunteer today. Until now, proper medical care has been non-existent in Villa Hermosa. Today, this is no longer the case. The first medical service offered was Ophthalmology. We expect to expand the scope of services into Dentistry and beyond in the near future.  Medical Clinic Helping to expand minds through Christ and proper education. The new school in Villa Hermosa educates many young people, preparing them for the modern world with faith in the Lord.    Church School Water Treatment Plant Clean Water For Villa Hermosa! In a society of bottled water, it is easy to forget the importance of clean water. Through our work, we hope to bring clean drinking water to the citizens of Villa Hermosa.